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Three Years of Coachella Outfits

Three Years of Coachella Outfits

I love choosing my Coachella OOTD! As promised, here's the details of mine over 3 years I hit the big festival in the desert.

I've said it before, I'll say it again - You can rock whatever the hell you want at Coachella, this is your Catwalk... work it! Now seriously though... although this is a place to strut your thing, it's also super important to be comfortable... it's a big place, it can be mad hot in the day and freakin cold at night. So, that being said, if you actually want to enjoy yourself and not look like the poor girl I saw last year, curled up freezing with her 6" stilettos strewn by her side... listen up on my basic yet basically essential Coachella OOTD tips!

  • WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES! There's 99'000 people attending each day.... what does that say to you? It's a big ass place thats what it says. So wearing comfortable footwear to get from stage to stage, and food truck to food truck, and bar to bar is important. Trainers, flat boots, comfy sandals... make your choice wisely... believe me you'll look and feel better rocking it out at the end of the night to Beyonce in your flats than you will weeping over your achey tootsies in the corner next to your literal killer heels.
  • CARRY A BAG/BACKPACK! It's the desert, you need to carry water. I'm the worst in the world for drinking water... coffee, wine, great... all day long... water not so much. (I'm writing this right now with a cup of coffee in scorching Antalya) *goes to get a glass of water* Also you can throw in the other things I'm about to list.
  • HAT/HAIR TIES! I wore a hat one Coachella, keeps the sun off the face, does the job but for me I'm more of a shove the hair up in a messy bun now and again to cool off. If I live up to bright eyes dirty hair anywhere its Coachella... wake up, dry shampoo and go is my way. 
  • LARGE MULTIFUNCTIONAL SCARF/SHAWL! This is a must in my eyes... lay out on it in the shade when its too hot, lay on it to take a mid day power nap between shows, lay it out for a picnic after visiting a food truck,  lay it out when you claim your spot before a performance... you get the idea :) If it's freezing at night get all wrapped in it as a scarf. Also, if its really windy and dusty which it can be you can wrap it up and around your mouth so you don't inhale all that desert dust.
  • SUNGLASSES! You know why, yes because they look cool :) but seriously, protect your eyes, its sunny in the desert (shocking I know).
  • EXTERNAL CHARGER! Not necessarily under the OOTD title but equally useful to keep your phone charged so that you can capture your awesome OOTD!

So here's my 9 Coachella looks!

Alright here we go... (you may note I got all my 2014 outfits during our Southwest roadtrip in US so you'll notice Forever 21 was my saviour and pretty much dressed me that year).

Coachella 2014 OOTD Day 1


Hat - Forever 21       Top - H&M       Shorts - Forever 21       Boots - H&M

Fringe Bag - Zara       Scarf - Zara      Jewelry - collected on southwest roadtrip

Coachella 2014 OOTD Day 2


Dress/Beach Cover - Forever 21       Boots - H&M       Slip Under Dress - M&S

Same Bag and Scarf - both Zara       Sunglasses - Alexander McQueen

Coachella 2014 OOTD Day 3


Fringe Dress - Forever 21       Gold Hair Band - Topshop       Boots - H&M

Same Bag and Scarf - both Zara       Sunglasses - Alexander McQueen

Coachella 2017 OOTD Day 1


Top - H&M       Beaded Shorts - ASOS       Boots - Topshop       Backpack - Topshop

Jewellery - Forever 21       Sunglasses - Primark

Coachella 2017 OOTD Day 2


Top - River Island       Black Denim Shorts - H&M       Boots - Primark

Belt - Primark       Sunglasses - H&M

Coachella 2017 OOTD Day 3


Lace Bodysuit - ASOS      Skirt - BCBG       Boots - Topshop      Backpack - Topshop

Sunglasses - Primark

Coachella 2018 OOTD Day 1


Lace Dress - Forever 21       Backpack - Topshop       Boots - Topshop

Sunglasses - Primark

Coachella 2018 OOTD Day 2


Top - H&M        Black Distressed Shorts - H&M       Belt - Vintage Store

Scarf - H&M       Boots - Steve Madden       Fishnets - H&M       Glasses - Primark

Coachella 2018 OOTD Day 3


Sequin Bodysuit - SheIn       Skirt - BCBG (ala 2017)      Boots - Topshop as before

Sunglasses - Primark       Jewellery - Forever 21

So there it is... I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy Coachella someday. It really is awesome... heres a few extra snaps from my 3 Coachella years :)

Reminder To Myself - Stay Curious

Reminder To Myself - Stay Curious

Coachella - or now better known as 'Beychella'...

Coachella - or now better known as 'Beychella'...