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California's Wine Country - The Most Amazing Winery Visit

California's Wine Country - The Most Amazing Winery Visit

To finish up our roadtrip up the Pacific Coastal Highway, after spending a quick 24 hours in San Francisco, we headed up to Sonoma and Napa Valley. Also famously known as, California's Wine Country.

We had no reservations as we we're very much winging the whole trip, but managed to book last second (like 2 hours prior-very us) to visit the most stunning boutique winery.

The venue was absolutely stunning, with rolling vineyard views and a small lake. The wine was divine, and the food oh my!

If you are looking to visit a winery in the Sonoma area... this place is highly highly recommended.

I'd like to introduce you to... *drumrolllll*... Ram's Gate Winery!

Look at this place! I belong here, take me back!

Where is it?

Ram's Gate is in the Sonoma Valley Wine region... under an hour driving over from downtown San Francisco this place is an absolute must. Now obviously I am sure that there are plenty of amazing wineries in the region, but, this is the one we were fortunate enough to visit and I'm so glad we did. Here's an image of the area and to open a link to maps just click here 

Over the Golden Gate and less than an hour up and you're there.

Over the Golden Gate and less than an hour up and you're there.

Experience it

Ram's Gate have a whole range of options for experiencing what they have to offer.  You can tour the vineyards, learn about the art of wine paring, tour the barrel hall, host a private dinner within their beautiful vineyards with your very own sommelier. Take a look here for their options of experience.

As our visit was fairly impromptu we decided to go for 'The Gateway Tasting'. What they describe as 'an ideal experience for first time visitors' and it did not disappoint.

At just $40 per guest for a tasting of a selection of wines it was a great choice for us. We opted for the cheese board to go along with and it was sooo so good.

Our waiter was very knowledgeable and the experience from beginning to end was flawless.

Whenever you're ready, you can take a walk around the property. With a glass of wine in hand you're able to freely wander through the vineyards down and around the pond. Here there is seating and picnic tables to sit, relax and soak up this amazing place along with your wine of choice.

The Property

Here are a few images of the property in and around the building. I have to say this crossed my mind... what an amazing wedding venue this would be! The place only opened in 2011 and I just read on their website that they do not yet host weddings unfortunately. They do however host private events and parties, what a dream that would be for a special occasion!

The Vineyards 

The scenery here is breathtaking. The vivid green of the vines against the bright blue California sky. It's really not necessary to put this part in words, the images speak for themselves.

The Pond

Just shortly after we visited Ram's Gate, they announced a new concept on their Instagram page. 'Summer by the pond'. No reservations required unless you are with a group over 10 people. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Grab a nibble and sip away with friends and soak up a summer afternoon by Ram’s Gate pond. Buy a bottle to share with friends and take your pick of an assortment of housemade bites available for purchase. Music, lawn games and sweeping vineyard views complete the pondside paradise.

That little dot is me! :)

Overall, for one of our first experiences visiting a winery in California's wine country this place cannot be faulted. Get yourselves there if you ever have the opportunity... wishing I was there right now! Hopefully someday I'll be back.

Many thanks to Ram's Gate Winery for a wonderful experience.

Any recommendations on other boutique wineries here or anywhere else in the world please let me know, I've a feeling this visit might have started something!

Love, H x

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