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Reminder To Myself - Stay Curious

Reminder To Myself - Stay Curious

"Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures"   L. Drachman

Today I did something different, something that prior to the 'adventure' seemed quite simple but it struck me. I have travelled a lot of places. I've been very fortunate so far in life. Seen and experienced many things but very rarely do I do any of these things alone. Solo. So aside from what I'll go on to say, I found a whole new level of appreciation for those who travel solo today, it's brave and it's not easy! Respect to all you people doing/having done that! *bows down* Today I had a tiny taste of that, it was just me and my little self to enjoy the experience, and it was great! 

Now don't get me wrong, its certainly not my preference. I love traveling with my husband, friends, family. That's the absolute best. To create and share memories with your closest people is for me where it's at, but this isn't about me enjoying my day out alone. It's what I had the time think and muse over whilst I did.

Moving house is always a big deal, no matter what. Getting comfortable and feeling acquainted with your new place is always going to take a little time, thats a given. Sometimes its easier than others, it just clicks right away. It might take a little time to click... it might never click at all and then you have the task of redoing the whole experience and trying again.

I've now lived in 3 houses in the last year and half, and I am glad to say each of them felt like home. Including our new apartment after just a few weeks. It looks and feels great already and I enjoy the process so much. I remember saying that I wanted to be an interior designer when asked the question early in secondary school. Making a house a home, I think it's my thing, I'll have to think on that some more... anyway, I digress...

Now... moving country. Where the culture and language is not yours adds a whole different element to moving house. Yes my husband is Turkish, yes he guides and he gets and he does all of the things here in Antalya... which is great, but for me this is also my frustration and my fear. Loosing my independence is pretty much the thing that I've been most scared about when moving here. As I said I've not 'traveled' alone, but I like my own space, I enjoy my own company sometimes. If I want something, I go get it. If I want something doing, I do it. I mean if I fancy popping for a coffee here no worries, but if I need directions to some place or want to book a table over the phone for a restaurant, simple things like that aren't so simple. So it's the lack of all of this is that's unusually challenging.

This week I have rented a car (when I say I rented a car what I actually mean is Serhat made the calls and did the things and the rental car arrived). Learning the language is obviously priority, but thats not going to happen overnight, so its baby steps. In this day and age with internet and GPS and there are always things to do and places to see.

Before coming out here I'd visited Antalya once and seen a few places, but there is so much more that I'm intrigued to see. With Serhat working through the days my options were: stay home, soak up the sun, enjoy the pool, do some blogging, pass time, (sounds awful I know) just wait for the weekend to do things together, or, get out there and do and see some of the things by myself.

Now thats all fine, and maybe you're thinking its not a big deal but for me it turned out that it kind of was... and I didn't realise that at all until I did it. I think some of my friends and family probably think I'm super adventurous, which obviously isn't all wrong. As I said earlier I have been so many places, I don't even know how many countries as I've never bothered to count, but most if not all of my experiences now that I think about it have been alongside someone else.

I decided where I'd go, set my GPS and was driving out and suddenly thought, you're doing this alone!

I got there... paid the guy for parking and got myself one entrance ticket for Duden Waterfalls using my minuscule Turkish vocabulary and off in I went. So as bizarre as it sounds I am feeling quite proud of myself. Maybe it's a small thing but until you're in a new country, where surprisingly less people speak English than you would imagine and always have that underlying feeling of 'out of my comfort zone' its hard to imagine how good it felt.

I could have stayed at the apartment, maybe walked to the supermarket or the mall... the things I'm familiar with... but I didn't. I allowed my curiosity to take over and for that reason I experienced a cool place today that I wouldn't have otherwise. Yes I might have experienced it another time, but the point is that I experienced it today. Me. Just me!

Which is a big fat sign... my independence hasn't gone anywhere yet!

So get out there. Get out of your comfort zone. Theres experiences to have and adventure to enjoy... who knows, like me you might find a little piece of yourself outdoors :)

Here's a few photographs of the beautiful Duden Waterfalls I 'adventured' out to and experienced today.

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