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Phaselis Antique City, Turkey

Phaselis Antique City, Turkey

Beaches, ancient ruins, mountain views and stunning forest...

Phaselis is the most stunning location sitting just a short drive out west along the coast from the city of Antalya. A forested peninsula with three bays that once were natural harbours, now attractive beaches.  A beautiful setting surrounded by mountain views with crystal clear waters... like all of that doesn't sound idyllic enough, of course there's the little added extra of an ancient city and ruins to explore.


To get there is just under an hours drive, 56km from the city where the Antalya Aquarium written about in my last post is here. West along the coast and just a little south of the town of Kemer.

Phaselis is an ancient sea-port dating back to the 7th Century BC. For many years, the city was the most important harbor of the eastern coast of Lycia for trade between Greece, Asia and Egypt. It's pretty amazing to be able to walk around and touch and feel such history.

The ruins of the ancient city have been mostly cleared of brush and trees, so you can walk along the grand Harbour Way, where the elaborate Roman baths and theatre show the prosperity the city once held. They regard this particular theatre as small, but it feels nothing like it when you're inside.

Check out this amazing drone footage!!! This is the 'small' theatre :)

As you leave the main Harbour Way you're led through a forested area with huge pieces of the fallen city, placed throughout the trees for seating in the shade. Out the other side the forest opens up to the most beautiful natural and rustic bay.

I'm excited that this enchanting place will be so close to come visit, and from what I understand there is so much more to see. We just spent a short few days in Antalya as we decided to travel and see some parts of Turkey I've not had the chance to visit before. Another to add to the list to explore again with guests in the future.

If you're staying in the Antalya area when traveling here on holiday, I'd definitely make time to escape the commotion of the city for a moment to relax and unwind at this tranquil little haven.

If you're checking out places to stay here, I'll be posting soon about our hotel in the Lara neighbourhood of Antalya, a small boutique hotel with amazing sea views!

ADSCF1001.jpg that's a view

C O M I N G S O O N !

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